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State of New York: in Memoriam: Theodore Roosevelt

By: N/A

Price: $23.00

Publisher: J. B. Lyon Company Printers: 1919

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 001929

This is a book published by the state of New York in memoriam of the death of Theodore Roosevelt. The frontispiece is his photograph, tissue intact. It begins with a short but thorough biographical sketch. Then to Proceedings of the Legislature. This includes a proclamation from the Executive chamber, and proceedings in the Senate and Assembly. A proclamation appointing a Theodore Roosevelt Day in New York is signed. Detail of his Memorial Services is included. There is ... View more info

Image for T. R. the Last Romantic

T. R. the Last Romantic

By: Brands, H. W.

Price: $18.40

Publisher: New York, New York, U. S. A., Basic Books: 1997

Seller ID: 4350

Brand's narrative is lucid, fast-moving and unblinded by hero-worship. In a single volume he has packed Roosevelt's 60 years of ambition, adventure, expediency, achievement, and finally, frustration at having peaked too soon. (Publishers Weekly). A biography of Theodore Roosevelt's amazing life, including his belief in heroes, his presidential years, and his charge up San Juan Hill. The prologue reveals injuries the man suffered with that are not widely known in this era... View more info

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Mrs. Lincoln: a Life

By: Clinton, Catherine

Price: $11.04

Publisher: New York, NY, Harper: 2009

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 004136

Authoritative and utterly engrossing, Mrs. Lincoln is the long-awaited portrait of the woman who so richly contributed to Lincoln's life and legacy. Her story is inextricably tied with the story of America and with her husband's presidency, yet her life is an extraordinary chronicle on its own. Born in the south, she was well-educated and well-connected. The assassination of her husband haunted her for the rest of her life. Her disintegrating downward spiral resulted in ... View more info

Those Wonderful, Terrible Years George Heller and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists

By: Harvey, Rita Morley

Price: $11.04

Publisher: Carbondale, IL, Southern Illinois Univ. Pr: 1996

Seller ID: 003449

NEW - STILL IN PUBLISHERS WRAPS. This spirited biography of George Heller serves as an accessible inside history of the Golden Age of radio and TV through its glory days and its era of shame - McCarthyism and political blacklisting. In this book, Rita Morley Harvey tells the story of the charismatic, controversial Heller and the national union of radio and television artists from its inception in the 1930s to the Golden Age of television and the McCarthy era. Always prom... View more info

The Enemy Within

By: Kennedy, Robert F.

Price: $7.36

Publisher: New York, Popular Library: 1960

Edition: First Softcover Edition

Seller ID: 001919

Mr. Kennedy exposed himself and his family to terrible danger for three years an example of courage that calls for more imitation if we are to delay our surrender to the mob. " - New York Times. A crusading lawyer's (Kennedy) personal story of a dramatic struggle with the ruthless enemies of clean unions and honest management. This is a report on the work of the Select Committee on Improper Activities in the Labor or Management Field, highlighting some of the typical... View more info

Mr. Jefferson's Lost Cause: Land, Farmers, Slavery, and the Louisiana Purchase

By: Kennedy, Roger

Price: $12.88

Publisher: Cary, North Carolina, U. S. A., Oxford Univ Press: 2003

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 002598

Thomas Jefferson advocated a republic of small farmers - free and independent yeomen. Yet as president he presided over a massive expansion of the slaveholding plantation system - particularly with the Louisiana Purchase - squeezing the yeomanry to the fringes and to less desirable farmland. Now Roger G. Kennedy conducts and eye-opening examination of that gap between Jefferson's stated aspirations and what actually happened. The author focuses on the character, ideas, a... View more info

Mrs. Paine's Garage and the Murder of John F. Kennedy

By: Mallon, Thomas

Price: $11.04

Publisher: New York, New York, U. S. A., Pantheon Books: 2002

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 003132

Ruth Paine, interviewed for this book, lived in Irving, Texas and met the Oswalds at a party. She went because she heard that some individuals who spoke Russian would be there, and she was interested in the language. So began her friendship with the Oswalds. Marina Oswald stayed with her for a time as her husband, Lee, went to New Orleans to look for work. They corresponded while the Oswalds were in Louisiana, and some of the letters are quoted in this book. After the Os... View more info

Nicholas & Alexandra: the Last Imperial Family of Tsarist Russia

By: Mironenko, Sergei; Vilinbakhov, George; Komelova, Galina; Barkvoets, Alia

Price: $32.20

Publisher: New York, Harry N Abrams Inc: 1998

Seller ID: 003041

New, still in publisher's plastic. This volume contains extensive text and photographs about the last Tsar of Russia and his family. Family history, including Nicholas II's children and wife are included. Includes 639 color plates. ; Folio - over 12 - 15" tall View more info

Image for Black and White Sat Down Together: the Reminiscences of an NAACP Founder

Black and White Sat Down Together: the Reminiscences of an NAACP Founder

By: Ovington, Mary White

Price: $9.20

Publisher: New York, New York, U. S. A., Feminist Press: 1996

Edition: First Softcover Edition

Seller ID: 003026

From Booklist (starred review) : "Historians. Reasessing the role of the NAACP in the U. S. Civil rights struggle. And lovers of history and biography will be glad these Depression-era reminiscences of the Euramerican woman most deeply involved with the NAACP with its 1909 formation until her death in 1951 have been rescued from the archives of the Baltimore Afro-American, where they appeared in 1932-33." View more info

Image for Lincoln's Sanctuary: Abraham Lincoln and the Soldiers' Home

Lincoln's Sanctuary: Abraham Lincoln and the Soldiers' Home

By: Pinsker, Matthew

Price: $12.88

Publisher: New York, NY, Oxford Univ. Press: 2003

Seller ID: 004097

After the heartbreaking death of his son Willie, Abraham Lincoln and his family fled the gloom that hung over the White House, moving into a small cottage outside Washington, on the grounds of the Solders' Home. This was a residence for disabled military veterans. This book offers a fascinating portrait of Lincoln's stay in this cottage and tells the story of the president's remarkable growth as a national leader and a private man, living in this cottage for a quarter of... View more info

My Turn : the Memoirs of Nancy Reagan

By: Reagan, Nancy; Novak, William

Price: $6.44

Publisher: New York, Ny, U. S. A., Random House, Incorporated: 1989

Seller ID: 001102

"During our White House years I said almost nothing about how I really felt regarding the controversies that swirled around me. But now those years are over, and it's my turn to describe what happened. " This is the memoir of one of the most fascinating, controversial, and enigmatic First Ladies in American history. As soon as Reagan took office in 1981, his wife found herself in the spotlight of criticism, particularly over her plans for renovating the White Hou... View more info

Memories and Reflections 1852 - 1927 (Two Volumes)

By: The Earl Of Oxford and Asquith, K. G.

Price: $25.76

Publisher: Boston, Ma, U. S. A., Little, Brown & Company: 1928

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 003630

The First Earl of Oxford, H. H. Asquith, had a very diverse life, public and private. This memoir starts with his earliest years, including schooling. He was a British politician, elected to the House of Commons in 1886, where he served as home secretary (1892 - 95) . A leader of the Liberal Party, he became prime minister in 1908. His plan to limit the powers of the House of Lords was enacted by the Parliament Act of 1911. He led Britain in the early years of World War ... View more info


By: Thomas, Donald Serrell

Price: $7.82

Publisher: New York, NY, Viking Press: 1975

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 003636

James Thomas Brudenell, Seventh Earl of Cardigan (1797-1868) , dragoon, hussar, huntsman, landholder, husband, adulterer, sometime Member of Parliament, duelist, probably the most hated and adulated aristocrat of his time, waited for almost sixty years for his moment of glory (or disaster, as his enemies and most historians would insist) . When it came, it took place in an obscure Crimean valley, lasted 20 minutes, and was dubbed The Charge of the Light Brigade. This bio... View more info

Affairs At State

By: Villard, Henry Serrano

Price: $5.54

Publisher: New York, Thomas Y. Crowell Company: 1965

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 000080

This book is a career diplomat's candid appraisal of the U. S. Foreign Service in 1965. The writer tired of his Service being debased by the White House, congressional committees, and the American people. This book is written boldly and bluntly, and is an informed inside analysis of what goes on in the Foreign Service and how the Service can be improved.; 8vo - over 7¾ - 9¾" tall View more info