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Image for New Burlington: the Life and Death of an American Village

New Burlington: the Life and Death of an American Village

By: Baskin, John (with A New Introduction by The Author)

Price: $8.28

Publisher: New York, W W Norton & Co Inc: 2000

Edition: First Softcover Edition

Seller ID: 001633

Library Journal said of this book "Virtually a new Spoon River Anthology, told by the villagers themselves with earthy rural humor. " In the early 1970s, a quiet, two-hundred-year-old Ohio village called New Burlington was forcibly abandoned to allow the construction of a dam. John Baskin moved into an abandoned farmhouse and lived in New Burlington for its final year, commemorating and recording its residents' funny and heartbreaking stories. The result is one o... View more info

Black Rock: a Tale of the Selkirks

By: Connor, Ralph

Price: $6.44

Publisher: New York, Grosset & Dunlap:

Seller ID: 000923

No date, no edition. The story of the book is true, and chief of the failures in the making of the book is this: That it is not all the truth. The light is not bright enough, the shadow is not black enough to give a true picture of that bit of Wetern life to which the writer was some small part. Because a man's life is all he has, and because the only hope of the brave young West lies in it's men, this story is told. It may be that the tragic pity of a broken life may mo... View more info

Urban Legends - 666 Absolutely True Stories That Happened to a Friend. of a Friend. of a Friend

By: Craughwell, Thomas J.

Price: $6.44

Publisher: New York, Barnes & Noble Books: 2002

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 002731

Do you remember the urban legends that you heard as a teenager, and later on? I remember one about the couple on a date, when they get a flat tire on a dark and lonely road, and the young man gets out to change it; he doesn't come back for the longest time, and when she gets out to investigate, he's been murdered (guess they shouldn't have been there! ) . Finally, a great collection of urban legends are gathered into one book. Despite their outrageousness, or maybe becau... View more info

Image for The Mill on the Floss (Novels of George Eliot, Vol. II)

The Mill on the Floss (Novels of George Eliot, Vol. II)

By: Eliot, George

Price: $9.66

Publisher: New York, Harper & Brothers Publishers:

Seller ID: 002945

This is a work of startling sadness and a story of family loss, tragedy and the sheer meanness of fate. The story is of Maggie Tulliver, daughter of a miller in the English midlands. Like many 19th century literary girls, her intelligence and emotional capacity outflank those of her family and cause problems. She is devoted to her brother Tom but he is very limited in his understanding. Maggie turns to Philip Wakem, son of a local lawyer and sadly deformed. Disaster stri... View more info

Mother Goose on the Loose: Illustrated with Cartoons from the New Yorker

By: Goldstein, Bobbye S. (edited by)

Price: $11.04

Publisher: Lebanon, Indiana, U. S. A., Harry N Abrams Inc: 2003

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 001461

Who doesn't love reading the cartoons in the New Yorker magazine? Even if you've never seen them, they're a delight and the captions are very clever. Goldilocks in a police line-up? Humpty Dumpty with an H. M. O. ? The nursery isn't just for children anymore! This collection of more than eighty witty cartoons takes a hilarious second (and third) look at our most beloved childhood stories and rhymes. It includes: Hey Diddle Diddle, Little Bo-Peep, Little Jack Horner, Old ... View more info

Lake Wobegon Days

By: Keillor, Garrison

Price: $7.36

Publisher: Viking Press: 1985

Edition: Book Club (BCE/BOMC)

Seller ID: N-11004

337 pages, no marks or tears. Garrison Keillor's popular radio show, Lake Wobegon, is finally in print with lots of fun and clever anecdotes. 8vo - over 7¾" - 9¾" tall. View more info

Up Stream; an American Chronicle

By: Lewisohn, Ludwig

Price: $6.00

Publisher: New York, The Modern Library: 1926

Seller ID: N-12005

This definitive edition is the final form of Upstream with corrections to correspond with the original text published in 1922. Boards are very good, green with gold lettering. The spine is very discolored from the sun. 299 pages, front and back cover splitting away on the inside. A red star is stamped on the last page. 16mo - over 5¾" - 6¾" tall. View more info

Inventing Modern: Growing Up with X-Rays, Skyscrapers and Tailfins

By: Lienhard, John H.

Price: $11.04

Publisher: New York, Oxford Univ Press: 2003

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 002059

The Modern that we know was misleading; it was a world dancing with new X-rays, radium, and radio waves - Art Deco and Bauhaus, skyscrapers and Burma-Shave signs. Science was surely a red thread running through everything Modern. As relativity theory and quantum mechanics departed from everything we had believed to constitute reality, it was clear that nothing would remain the same - that we faced change of a magnitude hitherto unimaginable. But the immensity of the tran... View more info

Wickford Point

By: Marquand, John P.

Price: $13.84

Publisher: Time Life Books: 1980

Seller ID: N-13007

Binding is fine, as new; 437 pages fine, no tears or marks. Book is about the Brill family in the '30's. Two sisters, labeled dullards and their brother, the inventor (who spends hours working out new ways to twiddle his thumbs) live off the reputation of an ancestor. 5" x 7.75" high. 12mo - over 6¾" - 7¾" tall. View more info

Round-Trip to Deadsville: a Year in the Funeral Underground

By: Matson, Tim

Price: $10.12

Publisher: White River Jct, Vermont, U. S. A., Chelsea Green Pub Co: 2000

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 002777

Our narrator, Tim Matson, assaulted by middle-aged existential doubt and morbid preoccupation, sets out to confront the demons of death and the denizens of the funeral trade. His odyssey begins when he stares down a photograph of Ginseng Willard, a flinty old Vermonter who built his own coffin from a piano case, then used it as a bed for the rest of his natural days. Matson decides to build a coffin. He heads out on the road to learn how to go about it. Along the way he ... View more info

Image for I Bought Andy Warhol

I Bought Andy Warhol

By: Polsky, Richard

Price: $9.20

Publisher: Boston, Massachusetts, U. S. A., Harry N Abrams Inc: 2003

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 001426

In 1987, art dealer Richard Polsky set aside $100, 000 to purchase a painting by famed Pop artist Andy Warhol for his private collection - a purchase that ultimately took him twelve years. His journey, spanning the years from the wild speculation of the 1980s to the recession of the 1990s, is recounted here in this funny, fast-paced, intensely readable expose of the inner workings of the art world. This entertaining tale illuminates not only Warhol the artist and his pla... View more info

Where Did You Go?" "Out" "What Did You Do?" "Nothing

By: Smith, Robert Paul

Price: $5.01

Publisher: Henry Z. Walck, Inc.: 1957

Seller ID: TS-19001

Binding is discolored at edges and top of spine is worn away in one spot. 125 pages are fine, no tears or marks noted. 8vo - over 7¾" - 9¾" tall. View more info

Image for The Lantern-Bearers and Other Essays

The Lantern-Bearers and Other Essays

By: Stevenson, Robert Louis; Treglown, Jeremy (edited by)

Price: $8.28

Publisher: Lanham, Maryland, U. S. A., Cooper Square Pub: 1999

Edition: First Cooper Square Edition

Seller ID: 002359

It is good finally to have roughly a quarter of Stevenson's essays available in one volume. Their value lies in their vivacity and style; they exhibit a descriptive immediacy and a strong sense of character. " - Library Journal. Stevenson's essays comprise an oft-overlooked trove of gems, intriguing in their content and generous in their scope. This collection of nearly three dozen of his best essays - the only anthology of its kind - spans his brief life and include... View more info

Image for Though the Heavens May Fall: the Landmark Trial That Led to the End of Human Slavery

Though the Heavens May Fall: the Landmark Trial That Led to the End of Human Slavery

By: Wise, Steven M.

Price: $14.72

Publisher: New York, New York, U. S. A., Da Capo Pr: 2005

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 003130

Perhaps no trial changed the course of history so much as one that took place in London in 1772; the case of James Somerset, a black man rescued from a ship bound for the West Indies slave markets. At this landmark trial, two encompassing worldviews clashed in an event of passionate drama and far-reaching significance. Now noted legal historian Steven M. Wise recreates each exciting moment of the case that slave owners contended would do nothing less than bring the econo... View more info

Image for Angel in the Forest

Angel in the Forest

By: Young, Marguerite; Van Doren, Mark (Introduction by)

Price: $12.88

Publisher: New York, Charles Scribner's Sons: 1966

Seller ID: 003091

Angel in the Forest is excellent history, and at the same time it is a tale of such mysterious force, with such a rush of riches coming at us all the time, that we must wonder why so few other historians make the utmost of their subjects as she does of hers. " So Van Doren writes in his Introduction to this extraordinary book, which is a chronicle of two Utopian experiments carried on in Indiana early in the 19th century. One was by Father George Rapp, a German mysti... View more info